Monday, November 24, 2014

5: The Seattle Repertory Theater: All the Way

Five down.
Fifty to go.

My college roommate Mark is a very successful wheat farmer in Dusty, Washington. It takes a lot to get him off his tractor and over to the "coast" for a weekend – particularly a weekend when snow closes the pass for a couple hours both days. With a little encouragement from his lovely wife Kathy, however, All the Way got him to the big city last weekend, to everyone's satisfaction.

I guess it is a blessing when you live long enough that events from your own life  start to be presented as history, in this case informed by a lot of newly available information. This is powerful theater. I am not a critic, and All the Way has already received plenty of critical acclaim, but this show left us all wanting more. Fortunately, more is on the way when we see The Great Society in December. And you can bet Mark and Kathy will be there, too. 

One more thought. There is something fundamentally different and exciting about attending a performance where every seat is taken. So please, go buy more tickets for live theater!

It's more vibrant when the house is full!

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