Sunday, November 23, 2014

4: The Nordic Heritage Museum: Yulefest

Four down.
Fifty-one to go.

Yulefest at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard was a wonderful way to spend a dreary Saturday morning in November with the Grandson. The place was packed as usual, but this year a large tent was added outside the museum to provide more space for vendors, food and exhibits.

Yulefest and Viking Days (in August) are the two annual community festivals at the museum, in addition to many other events and exhibits throughout the year. The festivals are great fun, but the museum is also a serious venue for history and art. One of our daughters has been working as an intern at the museum for the past few years, helping with an oral history project that documents the experience of local folks with a Nordic heritage. The last piece I saw from the project was a fascinating and moving account by a local woman of her experience as a child in Nazi occupied Norway.

Authentic Clinker Craft "Viking Ship"
built in Ballard's Historic Fire Station Number 18 in 1976.

Aquavit has been produced since the 15th Century.
This one is from Ballard, so must be a bit younger. Best at cask strength I am told – 120 proof.
The distiller says it is very dark, packed with extra spices, and only for the hardcore Viking. 

 A sweet little Nordic pancake ball with jam. Yumm!

The Grandson shares his holiday art creations.

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