Wednesday, November 19, 2014

3: ArtsWest: Dogfight

Three down.
Fifty two to go.

When Balagan Theater announced it was closing last month it had a collaboration underway with ArtsWest Playhouse to produce the Ben Pasek/Justin Paul musical Dogfight. Balagan received ArtsFund support last year and was on my original list of 55 organizations required to win the bet. As this was the last chance (and not wanting to create any interpretation questions on the wager for our umpire, Sarah Sidman) I found myself in West Seattle Wednesday evening. It was my good fortune.

Dogfight is a wonderful but difficult vehicle. ArtsWest rose to the challenge. It was my first, but certainly not my last trip there. It's an easy drive from downtown in the evening with lots of nearby restaurants, plenty of inexpensive parking, and a comfortable venue. Most of all, it was a poignant, thought-provoking and engaging performance that had me glued to my seat throughout and standing with the rest of the audience at the end.

Next up at ArtsWest is Judy's Scary Little Christmas (as in Judy Garland) by Joe Patrick Ward, December 4-28. Count me in.

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