Thursday, November 13, 2014

Off and Running ... on a bet!

In which Sandy attempts to take in 55 plays, operas, ballets, galleries, museums
 and other worthy arts organizations in 12 months.

On November 12th I became Chair of the ArtsFund Board. A few weeks earlier I'd made an offhand comment to my good friend and former ArtsFund chair Jim Duncan that I'd like to experience something from all the organizations ArtsFund supported last year -- you know, take in a play here, an opera there, a museum and a gallery along the way. How hard could that be?

Pretty hard, apparently. Jim told me that he had concluded it was impossible: there were way too many organizations spread out all over the region. In fact, he said, he'd bet me a dinner out that I couldn't do it. So, of course, I rose to the bait.

ArtsFund's mission is to strengthen the community by supporting the arts through leadership, advocacy and grant making. It has been making grants to arts organizations through a rigorous allocation process for over 40 years. To win the bet I have to attend (on or before November 12, 2015) a performance, exhibit or program at all 55 organizations that ArtsFund supported with grants last year.

Of course, ArtsFund supports many additional organizations with other programs including an innovative crowd funding platform at My plan is to learn about many of the power2give projects as well, but visiting all those is not part of the wager. Got to leave something for the second year of my term. But I will try to share my thoughts and experiences here along the way.

Was I set up? Maybe, but either way I am looking forward to this journey -- and the fabulous dinner for four with wine (all provided by Mr. Duncan) at the restaurant of my choice when I win the wager!

 Game on!


  1. I love it! Good on you! And I'd like to help you out with the Herculean task by inviting you (and a guest) to join me at my table at Artist Trust's Art Auction on March 7. Being a service org, we don't have many public events, but this is a good one!