Thursday, December 4, 2014

Live Performance: An Acoustic Connection

Egan's Ballard Jazz House has been open
 over eight years.
Earshot Jazz, a Seattle-based nonprofit that supports jazz in our community, maintains an excellent calendar of local jazz events at:
I was glancing through it the other day when I spotted an event I knew I couldn't miss: an evening with Margo Murphy & John Roberts at Egan's Ballard Jam House. You see, a few years back Margo and I went to kindergarten and grade school together in Burien, but it wasn't until our 40th high school reunion that I learned she sang professionally.

We are blessed in this region with some fabulous large performance venues, both new and restored. But on a cold, dark and drizzly weeknight in December it's fun to catch some acoustic guitar in an intimate space where it feels more like a group of friends gathering in your living room. Egan's is just that sort of place, a very cozy spot to hear live music while enjoying good food and drink. Margo and John served up their own brand of vintage country duets, tasteful guitar work, and with Ruthie Dornfeld, fine fiddling. 

Note to Jim: I am not counting this for our wager as my official "Earshot" visit. Just a chance for a lovely evening of live music. Earshot is sponsoring a lot of great events in the coming year, so checking that box will be no problem at all!

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