Tuesday, October 20, 2015

43. Whim W'Him: Choreographic Shindig

Forty three down. Twelve to go.

Whim W'Him is an ensemble of seven dancers – four men and three women – founded in 2009 by former PNB principal dancer Oliver Wevers. Choreographic Shindig was built on the work of three choreographers selected by the Whim W'Him dancers from over ninety proposals submitted by choreographers from around the world. That is correct: over ninety choreographers wanted to stage a work for this company!

The Pacific Northwest has a rich history of fostering dancers and choreographers of enormous international influence: Merce Cunningham, Robert Joffrey and Mark Morris, to name a few. Mr. Wevers is a potential candidate for that list. Unlike some of his predecessors with strong local ties, however, Wevers has stayed right here to establish a company. Why? It is because our region has outstanding professional dancers nurtured by local companies, the artistic and technical skills required to support world-class live performance, and the desire (one might say clamoring) of international dance artists to participate in our local dance scene. Of course, we shouldn't forget growing patron and donor support for dance, in which ArtsFund plays an important role.

To learn more about Choreographic Shindig, read one of the outstanding reviews. That is another strength of our local dance scene: dance-literate critics.

It is exciting to look forward to what this company will do in the years ahead. Whim W'Him has already selected the choreographers for next year's Shindig.  I can't wait.

Whim W'Him is a wonderful ensemble
of seven dancers.

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