Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10: Frye Art Museum: Jessika Kenney: Anchor Zero

Ten down. Forty five to go. 

I first saw Jessika Kenney's exhibit Anchor Zero at its opening reception. Less than 24 hours later I was back for a second look. Truth is, I didn't feel I had done it justice the first time, for two reasons: During my initial visit the lively atmosphere of the reception created a bit of  background noise, and this is a participatory work designed to envelope one in sound and silence. The second reason was that, at the reception, I got to hear the artist's delightful welcome explaining her intentions and offering suggestions on how to experience this interactive exhibit. I wanted the opportunity to spend more quiet time at Anchor Zero with the benefit of Jessika's introduction. It was definitely worth a second trip. 

Free to the public, the Frye Art Museum has been open at its home on First Hill since 1952. The museum was established by Charles and Emma Frye; their private collection of art works became the museum's Founding Collection. 

The Frye hosts many exhibits (check out upcoming offerings at http://fryemuseum.org/upcoming_exhibitions/) and in addition to Anchor Zero is currently presenting the first museum exhibition in the United States of Chinese artist Pan Gongkai. Both of the current exhibits are wonderfully large-scale, with the Gongkai exhibit featuring a site-specific ink painting which extends the entire length of the museum's largest gallery. 

The Frye has collaborative programs with an impressively long list of organizations. The Anchor Zero exhibit is included in the museum's Creative Aging Program. There will be a creative and relaxing afternoon at the exhibit for individuals living with dementia and their care partners as part of the Frye's Arts Engagement for Individuals Living with Dementia.

Two organizations supported by ArtsFund - Artist Trust and the Frye Art Museum - are involved in Anchor Zero, but I am told there are no two-for-one deals to win the bet, so am electing to count this as the Frye visit and attend one of the Artists Trust programs later this year.


  1. Sandy, you are amazing! I chaired the ArtsFund Board for 2 years and did not make it to half the number you have already successfully achieved!
    If you can keep this up and meet your goal, I will donate an extra $1,000 to ArtsFund this year in your honor.

    Any other Board Members willing to join in (at any level) to keep the pressure on Sandy?

    All my best in your quest.
    Ken Kirkpatrick

    1. Thank you Ken for the encouragement and for your ongoing support of ArtsFund! Sorry I am slow responding to this post. I am a bit behind on my blogging - there are two I need to post, plus going to another event tonight. Will let you know when you need to make good on your pledge of an extra thousand - - count on it!

  2. Ditto Ken! And yes I will match your grand! Do you feel the pressure yet Sandy or are you having too much fun?


    1. Thanks Ray. The answer is both - I am having a lot of fun and learning a great deal, but also feeling the pressure a bit to get them all in, keep up the blog and to make sure I don't miss something!